Marketing in the new age

At a time when people on the internet have been bombarded with all sorts of advertising materials, companies find it harder and harder to stand out with their products and services. It’s not uncommon for some digital marketing campaigns to produce the opposite effect – instead of attracting interests, they are annoying and produce a negative reaction.

Another unpleasant outcome of having bad digital marketing is missing out on potential sales and clients through the wrong strategy and imprecise targeting. How exactly does this happen?  The main issue is not having/having a bad strategy and also the total lack of systematic thinking and planning when it comes to digital campaigns. How many times has the following happened to you: you buy something from a  website and then adverts about the exact same thing follow you anywhere you go (online). This is clearly the results of misuse of client information. While in fact, it would be more useful to you to receive adverts or emails with a discount of a product you actually want or already plan on buying.

The biggest strength of digital marketing lies in the ability to predict people’s needs – this is possible with the help of a smart system such as the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.It’s practically impossible to have quality digital marketing without using a quality CRM system that gathers customer data and lets you use it for precise targeting that benefits both the company and its customers. A good CRM systems allows for personalisation that is hard to achieve, especially for big companies.

To save you time and efforts, the said personalisation happens with the help of AI. Artificial intelligence systemises the data it has at hand and through various algorithms, ‘makes sense’ out of it, helping you with reports and forecasting.

It’s not a coincidence that the world’s most innovative company, Salesforce, came up with a product such as the Marketing Cloud. Realising the growing need for automation in the marketing processes, just as the processes of selling and servicing are automated with the help of their Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solutions, led to the idea of Marketing Cloud as a separate product.

Salesforce has been a leading innovator for decades and is renowned for giving its customers what they need, before they even know they need it. With Marketing Cloud, you can do the same for your customers! Even if you’ve been doing well so far, is there any guarantee that you will continue to do so in future if you’re not adapting to the changing demands of the market? Salesforce helps you meet these demands and through its products, be a step ahead of your competition, without wasting money or time.

What leads to unsuccessful marketing?

There is nothing worse for a marketing expert than adverts and campaigns that don’t lead to the expected results. It doesn’t matter if their function is related to improving the company’s image, increasing the sales or looking for talented new employees, if the invested funds don’t give back a good return, the campaign is considered a bit of a fail.

This could have a demotivating effect, especially if it happens rather often, not to mention the lost money and time. However, there is an easy solution to this issue. Usually, the unsuccessful marketing activities are down to a few factors. For the sake of the argument, let’s imagine that the product or service we are talking about is good, so that can’t be the problem here.

The problems with the execution of the marketing campaign are more likely connected to:

Lack of precise targeting of potential clients – including targeting of people, who have no interest whatsoever in your product; mistargeting of people who are already your clients and a lack of any strategy about targeting relevant audiences

Lack of knowledge and skills when it comes to creating content – this includes less-than-ideal marketing materials, poor quality websites, even worse articles, etc

Bad email communication – the email is one of the most important points of contact that you could have with your customers, however many companies don’t know how to use it properly!

Weak social media presence – and lack of understanding about what your followers need or want (lack of social listening)

Relying only on cookies for diving and segmenting your customers – an old-fashioned way that is sadly no longer good enough

Lack of strategy and visualisation of the customer journey – customers are evolving and so are their expectations; if companies don’t synchronise with them, they simply won’t catch their attention, let alone their money

If you recognise your company in even one of these factors, you might have a problem cooking up. There might be a chance that your marketing campaigns don’t live up to their full potential, and results could be rather tragic. 

To address these problems, Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a number of solutions to help you execute the best, most original and personalised marketing campaigns.

Marketing Cloud Products

Email Studio 

A potential customer’s email is the single most important thing you have when it comes to digital communication. Use it with caution! A clever email can get you over 5% conversion rate (a sale of an event sign up), whereas a bad email could cost you that potential customer forever. The key to good email communication is to personalise your message, and that means much more than putting the person’s name in the subject line. With Email Studio you can send the right email to the right person in the most suitable time. By doing this, you don’t spend any time or money in vain and instead, you’re winning new clients and you also get to keep them because personalisation does just that, it creates loyalty.

Watch the demo here

Mobile Studio

You want to remind your clients that their subscription is about to expire? Don’t miss the chance to get in touch with them in due time – this is client need anticipation 101. By taking care of their needs before they are even aware of them, you are a step ahead of the competition! The best way to send texts like that is to make use of the Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio. Thanks to the beacon technologies, you can send a customer a 20% off the price discount code the moment they step foot in your store – now this is what we call marketing of the future!

Watch the demo here

Journey Builder

This part of Marketing Cloud is perhaps one of the most innovative. The ‘customer journey’ concept is a relatively new one – it explores the idea that there are many ways a customer can reach you or find information about your goods and services and how you can adequately communicate to the customer at these stages. Journey Builder allows you to set up various stages or steps that match your customers’ (or groups of customers) and advertise to them with the most appropriate messages. By doing this, you have a way better chance for conversions than if you just send one big generic message to one big audience. The best thing about Journey Builder is that it’s easily integrated with both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, giving you a 360-degree view of the client.

Watch the demo here

Advertising Studio, Salesforce DMP and Salesforce DMP and Salesforce Data Studio

These three products are the main Data products in Marketing Cloud. The most important thing for any marketing department is the information it has for its clients – otherwise you won’t know who you’re talking to and what do these people actually want. Personal data is a very sensitive topic nowadays but the information in Marketing Cloud is compliant with the regulations as the information is about product and service preferences and not demographic or sensitive data. Salesforce complies with all necessary regulations and law when it comes to data gathering. Furthermore, you can add your own fields of information, for example if you’re a letting agency, you can put the budget of each customer, or preferences such as location. Salesforce Data Studio also allows you to market to many people outwidth your current audiences, using databases shared by other companies. As a result, you have the opportunity to segment precisely and in great detail to many customers, thus saving money and increasing the number of sales.

Watch the demo here

Social Studio

For years, social media has been the number one place for marketing and advertising, partly due to the fact that never before have customers been more eager to communicate with brands, giving them feedback and so on. It would such a waste for your company not to be present on social media! Social listening is only one of the options that Social Studio gives you – you will also have a content calendar, to plan ahead and cross-post across various channels, and many other features. This means your community manager will spend less time thinking about a post and more time actually talking to people!

Watch the demo here

Long story short, you don’t have to be a big company to feel the many benefits that Marketing Cloud can give you but Marketing Cloud has the potential to make you a big company. As soon as you start using the platform, you will see your costs going down, sales going up and your employees and customers will be happier than ever.


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