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"We needed a partner who could show us the right way. Salesforce pointed us at Next Consult."

Julien Marsenak, Manager of TELUS International Europe


For each company in the field of outsourcing business services, taking care of its employees means taking care of the services  it provides, in other words - protecting their investments. In the Bulgarian office of TELUS International Europe - employing more than 1,700 people – they do this in a modern way that is surprising and unusual: through

The challenge: a vast ocean of people

150 people are employed each month in Bulgarian offices of TELUS International Europe. People are the main resource of the company and with such expansion rates, personnel selection and human resource management are vital. The task is further complicated by the fact that in general, high turnover in the field of BPO is considered "traditional” and normal. By mid-2015, most documentation related to personnel selection at TELUS International Europe was routinely maintained in individual document folders. The company receives 70-100 CVs daily. For each selected candidate, a personal folder would  accumulate: a CV, cover letter, a primary evaluation form of the candidate (filled by phone), test results, documents from dictations to check their foreign language proficiency, description of personal impressions of each interviewer etc. All this was "stored" in a folder -one for each person. Each month, 200 new folders full of sheets would accumulate, says Julien Marsenak, manager of TELUS International Europe. Finding the folder of a specific employee in this ocean of paper became more and more difficult. Time was wasted, and the risk of misunderstandings increased. In addition, routine reviews of employee performance that should happen every 6 months were delayed due to the processes of printing, filling, and adding up the completed data by hand. One consequence of this was the inability of the HR department to effectively prevent the risk of employees leaving.

The solution: electronic "folders" and complete visibility

"We needed a partner who could show us the right way," said Julien Marsenak. The company already worked with Salesforce and turned to the vendor for help. "They pointed us to a proven local partner - Next Consult."

The result: visibility over everything, at all times

External channels for recruitment - job sites - are integrated with Salesforce. This way CVs enter directly into the system, without duplication. Searching for a specific candidate is quick and easy, like a Google search: managers enter the criteria and immediately receive a list of qualified candidates. The report is ready  in seconds.  It’s easier to Find someone with specific skills. Multi-factor searching is also possible,” explains Stefaniya Duncheva, Senior HR Manager in the company. "Every new position in the company can be filled immediately." The risk of data divergence is eliminated. Emergency situations can be effectively reacted to - immediately. When a high-priority position frees up and must be filled quickly, managers can instantly "see" all available job applicants and immediately hire the right person for the job. It is now possible to conduct regular "reviews" to assess the performance of employees. In February 2016, 90% of the reviews were completed on time - a total of 150. This reflects directly on the bonus system in the company. Moreover, the department can  now focus on one of their main priorities - caring for the career development of people: creating career development programs and trainings, improving employees with a high potential. Through Salesforce, the risk of employees leaving is handled much better. Based on now "visible" data on the performance of each employee and his behaviour , the HR department can do a "diagnostic" for decreased motivation, to carry out a study immediately and to take action before things come to the point of submitting resignation letters.